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2 11, 2020

Book Review – Kerry Tombs, The Malvern Murders

2020-10-27T11:29:11+00:00November 2nd, 2020|Book Reviews|0 Comments

Before Jack the Ripper terrorized London, Police Inspector Samuel Ravenscroft patrolled the grimy streets of Whitechapel – but he’s no Inspector Abberline. Malvern, 1887. Clever and hard-working, Ravenscroft nonetheless has the worst record in the force. He lets a murderer escape during a chase and [...]

12 10, 2020

Book Review – Elizabeth Bailey, The Gilded Shroud (Lady Fan Mystery, Book 1)

2020-09-14T09:51:03+01:00October 12th, 2020|Book Reviews, Elizabeth Bailey|0 Comments

When a murder is committed a lady’s companion finds herself as an amateur sleuth… 1789, London When Emily Fanshawe, Marchioness of Polbrook, is found strangled in her bedchamber, suspicion immediately falls on those residing in the grand house in Hanover Square. Emily’s husband – Randal [...]

28 09, 2020

Book Review – Bella Ellis, The Vanished Bride (The Brontë Mysteries)

2020-08-11T11:37:05+01:00September 28th, 2020|Bella Ellis, Book Reviews|0 Comments

Yorkshire, 1845, and dark rumours are spreading across the moors. Everything indicates that Mrs Elizabeth Chester of Chester Grange has been brutally murdered in her home - but nobody can find her body. As the dark murmurs reach Emily, Anne and Charlotte Brontë, the sisters [...]

21 09, 2020

Book Review – Helena Dixon, Murder at the Dolphin Hotel

2020-08-11T11:28:30+01:00September 21st, 2020|Book Reviews, Helena Dixon|0 Comments

A room with a view… to murder. June 1933. Kitty Underhay is a modern, independent woman from the top of her shingle bob to the tip of her t-strap heels. She prides herself on the reputation of her family’s ancient hotel on the blustery English [...]

31 08, 2020

Book Review – Patricia Wentworth, Lonesome Road

2020-08-10T13:53:15+01:00August 31st, 2020|Book Reviews, Patricia Wentworth|0 Comments

There were times when Rachel Treherne fervently wished that her beloved father had left his fortune to somebody else, so overburdened did she feel with the administration of her estate. And never more so than now for, although she was surrounded by relatives who depended [...]

3 08, 2020

Book Review – Tragedy at Piddleton Hotel, Emily Organ

2020-06-22T10:13:07+01:00August 3rd, 2020|Book Reviews, Emily Organ|0 Comments

Armed with a handbag and fuelled by cake, Annabel Churchill is a mature yet tenacious private detective. Together with her quirky sidekick, Doris Pemberley, she's determined to solve mysteries and chase down criminals in the sleepy English village of Compton Poppleford. 1932. Growing bored in [...]

6 07, 2020

Book Review – A Quiet Life in the Country, T E Kinsey

2020-05-21T10:37:55+01:00July 6th, 2020|Book Reviews, T E Kinsey|0 Comments

Lady Emily Hardcastle is an eccentric widow with a secret past. Florence Armstrong, her maid and confidante, is an expert in martial arts. The year is 1908 and they’ve just moved from London to the country, hoping for a quiet life. But it is not [...]

8 06, 2020

Book Review – Murder Offstage, L B Hathaway

2020-04-16T10:35:04+01:00June 8th, 2020|Book Reviews, L B Hathaway|0 Comments

Like your mysteries cozy and set during the Golden Age of Crime? This is the first book in the Posie Parker mysteries, although this novel can be enjoyed as a stand-alone story in its own right. Set in London in 1921, 'Murder Offstage' is full [...]

25 05, 2020

Book Review – Agatha Frost, Pancakes and Corpses

2020-04-15T10:21:44+01:00May 25th, 2020|Book Reviews|0 Comments

Soon to be divorced Julia South never expected to be caught up in solving a murder, until she discovered the body of her cafe's most awkward customer. With a new smug Detective Inspector in town who underestimates her every move, Julia makes it her mission [...]

4 05, 2020

Book Review – Emily Queen, The Case at Barton Manor

2020-04-16T10:31:30+01:00May 4th, 2020|Book Reviews, Emily Queen|0 Comments

1920’s London Rosemary Lillywhite had no intention of becoming a lady detective, but when a desperate woman knocks on the door of her dead husband’s investigative office, she’s forced to make a choice: either take the case or turn Grace Barton away. Working cases with [...]

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